Fertilizing and Watering Radishes

When watering radishes, it's important to give them a steady, consistent supply of water throughout their growing season. Unlike other vegetables, radishes don't need an occasional deep soak. They do much better with several shallow waterings per week.

Radish Seedlings

Radishes grow so fast that they usually aren't bothered by pest or diseases problems. Overhead watering is acceptable, as are soaker hoses or drip irrigation systems. The main thing is to keep the soil evenly moist. Radish plants can certainly handle a light watering 4-5 times per week, just make sure the soil doesn't become too soggy. A great way to keep the soil moist is by mulching with grass clippings, straw or strips of newspaper.

In most cases, it's not a good idea to fertilize radishes. You can work some organic material or fertilizer into the soil a couple of weeks before planting if you are worried about the quality of your soil. In most cases, fertilizers will have a negative effect on radishes and cause them to be quite woody. Additionally, radishes grow so fast that they don't have time to absorb any fertilizer before they are ready for harvest.

By now, your radishes should be starting to poke out of the soil and may be getting close to be ready for harvest.

Mature Radish Plants

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