Radish Varieties - What's the Difference?

radish varieties

There are several different radish varieties commonly available to the backyard vegetable gardener. You might be surprised at the wide variety of colors and sizes available. Many seed catalogs offer variety packs of radishes, with several different varieties in one seed packet. This is a great and inexpensive way to try several different varieties until you find your favorite.

Here's some radish seeds if you're interested...

The biggest factor in choosing which radish variety you want to grow is what you're specifically looking for in a radish.  Do you want a classic, red and round radish that is slightly smaller than a golf ball?  Or are you looking for something with a different color - perhaps black or white or purple?  Or maybe you want a radish that has an oblong shape to it.  Or maybe you want to grow a huge radish?  Are you looking for something that is very peppery or something more mild?  Consider all of these questions when choosing which varieties of radishes you want to grow.

Here is a list of some common radish varieties and a brief description of their characteristics...

  • Cherry Belle - this radish is round and red and averages 3/4 inches across, crisp white flesh and very smooth skin, tops average 4-6"

Black Radishes
  • Black Spanish Round - this radish variety is quite large and unique, 3-4" across with a black skin and spicy white flesh, heirloom variety, stores well, ready in 60 days

  • Crimson Giant - red roots are globe-shaped and average 1.5" across, white flesh is crispy and mild, ready in 30 days, tops average 4-6" tall

  • Perfecto - sharp and peppery flavor, bright red with pure white flesh, tinges of red in the tops too make for an interesting salad mix, holds up well even when very mature, ready in 30 days

  • Watermelon - this heirloom radish variety originated in China and features an off-white exterior and a reddish-purple interior, round roots average 3" across, crispy and mild with a hint of sweetness, ready in 60 days

  • French Breakfast - this heirloom variety features oblong roots that average 2" long and 3/4" wide, scarlet red on top and tapering to a white bottom, crisp and mildly pungent, tops average 8-10 inches, ready in 30 days
    • Philadelphia White Box - this heirloom variety dates back to the 1890s and features beige roots with a crispy white interior, golf-ball size average, roots are crispy and mild, ready in about 30 days

    Chopped Radishes
  • Pink Beauty - ready in 25 days, rosy-pink skin and very mild and crispy flesh, roots are almost boxy in shape

  • Summer Cross Hybrid - this variety resembles a white carrot, roots average 8-12" long or more, white on the inside and outside, crisp and mild, classic Asian radish variety, ready in 45 days

  • White Globe Hailstone - aptly named, this heirloom variety features white skin and flesh, mildly spicy and very crispy, ready in 30 days, globe-shaped roots stay crisp longer than other varieties

  • Red Emperor Hybrid - this variety produces nearly round roots that are crimson red, the flesh is pure white and crisp and mildly peppery, very strong tops, ready in 30 days

  • White Icicle - this variety is off white, cylindrical roots average 5" long, flesh is white and crispy, mildly pungent, ready in 35 days, resembles white carrots

  • German Giant - this radish variety has bright red skin and angel white flesh, globed-shaped and average 1.5" across, mild and crispy flavor, ready in 30 days

  • Daikon Long - this Asian variety can reach up to 14" long, white and cylindrical in shape, resembles a white carrot, crispy and pungent flavor, tops reach 18-24", ready in 60 days

  • Red Radish
  • Early Scarlet Gold - ready in 25 days, this heirloom variety features round and red roots with pure white flesh, crispy and tender and juicy and mild, very popular

  • White Beauty - this variety is all white inside and out, roots are nearly round and sweet and juicy, becomes more crispy and mild as it gets larger, globes average 3/4" across, ready in 25 days

  • Sparkler - this variety features round roots that are bright red on top and tipped with white on the bottom, the inside is white throughout, roots average 1" across, ready in 25 days, tops average 8-10 inches

  • China Rose - this heirloom variety was introduced to the West in the 1950s, oblong roots are rosy pink and average 7" long by 2" across, white flesh is crisp and mild, ready in 55 days
    • French Dressing - these oblong roots average 2" long and 3/4" wide, top part of root is deep red and the bottom is tipped with white, pure white flesh throughout on the inside, crispy and zesty and peppery, tops have a speckle of red in them, ready in 24 days

    Growing Red Radishes

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