Watering Rosemary

During the first year of growth, watering rosemary is very important. After the first year, the plant is pretty self sufficient and can tolerate drought fairly well.

Rosemary Seedling

During the first crucial year of growth, it's best to keep the soil around your rosemary plant evenly moist. Water it once a week with a moderate soak and then let the soil dry out between watering sessions.

When watering your rosemary plant, be careful not to over-do it. Rosemary does not do well if it sits in soggy soil for long periods of time. If you want to fertilize your plant, use a water soluble fertilizer and apply it a couple of times a year when you water the plant.

Large Rosemary Bush

After the first year of growth, the rosemary plant will take off and get much larger. At this point, watering often is not as important. Once the plant is established, it is fairly drought resistant. You can water the plant every couple of weeks as needed, or when you water your other container plants. If you are growing rosemary in the ground, most of the time watering is not necessary as the plant will do well with whatever rain falls in your area.

Now that you've learned about taking care of your rosemary plant, it's time to learn about harvesting those fragrant sprigs.

Rosemary Stem

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