Planting Corn? You've Come to the Right Place!

Planting corn in your garden is simple. Corn seed is usually sown directly in a well tilled garden. It's very important that the soil has been thoroughly and deeply tilled for the plants to develop an adequate root system. Because the plants will reach 6-7 feet tall, a well developed root system is vital to support the plant.

Corn should be planted at least 2 weeks after the last expected frost in your area. By this point, the soil should have warmed up enough, to at last 60 degrees F.

Use a hoe and create rows approximately 2 inches deep and 3 feet apart. Sow the corn seed 6 inches apart in the row and cover with 2 inches of soil. Water the rows in well.

In our own garden, we take the time to create raised rows.  Because our soil is a little bit denser, the raised rows help the corn roots get established and also help with drainage.  A few days before we plant sweet corn, we scatter a balanced granular fertilizer in the corn patch.  We water it in well and then till one last time.  We then use a shovel to make the raised rows and then plant.

Knee High Corn

After the seedlings reach 2 inches tall, thin the plants to one every 12 inches. For those of you that don't know, thinning plants means selectively removing seedlings. Corn plants will take a bunch of water and nutrients from the soil during their life span. If the plants are growing too close together, problems may arise. The root systems will end up growing into each other. When plants have to battle each other for water and nutrients, they end up becoming stressed and rarely grow to full height or produce quality ears of corn. To solve this problem, seedlings are thinned to create adequate space between the plants. Thinning also allows you to selectively remove under-performing seedlings. To thin the plants, simply pull the seedlings to be removed out by the roots and toss them in your compost pile.

See, we told you planting corn was simple. The only thing left do is mulch and water your corn plants and watch them grow.

Shucked Corn

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