Acorn Squash Varieties - What's the Difference?

There are a few different acorn squash varieties available to the backyard vegetable gardener. Most varieties are similar in taste, texture and appearance. A typical acorn squash is dark green on the outside with golden colored flesh on the inside. The texture is slightly firm and buttery. Most varieties have a slightly sweet, nutty flavor. However, some acorn squash varieties are unique in appearance and flavor.

Here is a list of some of the more common varieties of acorn squash, along with plant and fruit descriptions...

Acorn Squash On Vine

  • Bush Table Queen - this variety produces dark green, acorn shaped squash that are about 5 inches in diameter with deep ridges, orange flesh with good texture, ready in 80 days, good choice for container gardening

  • Heirloom Table Queen - an heirloom variety ready in 85 days, golden colored flesh is nutty, ribbed dark green skin, acorn shaped, vining plant type suitable only for traditional gardens

  • Festival Hybrid - this unique variety of acorn squash produces cream colored squash with light yellow stripes and dark green circles on the blossom end, 1-2 pounds each, ready in 100 days, squash have a flattened acorn shape, plants are fairly compact

  • Basket Of Acorn Squash

  • Early Acorn Hybrid - this variety features very compact plants, good for container gardening, each plant bears 4-6 large, dark green squash that average 4 pounds, classic acorn shape, orange flesh is tender, sweet and nutty with a smooth texture, ready in 75 days

  • Table Ace - this variety is ready in 75 days, large acorn shaped squash are dark green and average 4-5 pounds, smooth texture and sweet, nutty flavor, good all around variety

  • Ebony - this variety features a very dark green skin, good taste and texture, light orange colored flesh, ready in 80 days

  • Cream of the Crop - this variety features very smooth, buttery flesh that is both sweet and nutty in flavor, average size is 3-4 pounds, good variety for making soups and stews, ready in 80 days

Roasted Acorn Squash

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